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Chaplaincy New Zealand is a ministry which incorporates those who perform Chaplaincy duties in a wide range of settings. These include people who are working in schools, prisons, workplaces, sports teams, the armed services and hospitals, both as trained chaplains and as volunteers. Chaplaincy NZ comes under the authority of Assemblies of God NZ, though the training and work is not limited to that denomination. Our initial support and training has come from Chaplaincy Australia, an organisation which has done tremendous work in national disasters in Australia. (Click Here to read more) 

All of our chaplains, whilst trained in crisis intervention, are also trained in the day to day ministry of chaplaincy. We have chaplains in various workplaces, old age care centres, neo-natal units, schools, sports teams and prisons. Wherever people congregate, we can meet with them, and assist practically.

Although we are a church based ministry, we are not limited to assisting only faith based people. We will assist anyone, of any faith or belief, who has a need we can meet. The pillars of our ministry are RESPECT; GENUINESS; FAITH, and PERSONAL GROWTH. Our training course has recently been upgraded to a diploma level and is overseen by Alphacrucis Bible College, a recognised education provider. We welcome your interest in the work we do to support those in need in New Zealand. For more information about our courses or about supporting our ministry, please use the contact form on this page.

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